Trust leads to more trust

James Hallam is an independent Lloyd’s broker with a dedicated team of experienced insurance professionals who care about protecting your business.

Trust leads to more trust

James Hallam is an independent Lloyd’s broker with a dedicated team of experienced insurance professionals who care about protecting your business.


ProMed, part of James Hallam, specialises in arranging bespoke liability insurance and risk management programmes for organisations and individuals engaged in the delivery of healthcare services. We understand the specific and sometimes complex needs of your business, compliance, and contractual obligations; we offer expert advice and tailored insurance solutions to meet your needs.

As a Lloyd’s Broker, we have access to global insurance markets, ensuring we can provide comprehensive coverage and tailored solutions. Our forte is that we strive to understand what you do, how you manage it, what your plans are for the future, what you want to see and be clear about regarding your risks and how to manage them; we want to make sure that your insurance arrangements reflect your business and its future intentions and you have a clear understanding of what you need, what you are buying and what it means.

Healthcare Businesses

ProMed caters for a wide range of healthcare businesses, including clinics, hospitals, GP networks, pharmaceutical companies, emergency services and urgent care services, walk in centres, rehab care, home based care services, healthcare charities, and any organisation involved in healthcare services, either directly or indirectly involved with healthcare and related services.

Partners and Associations

We have a particular skill in working with associations to offer group purchase and customised insurance programs, serving over 100,000 professionals in the healthcare sector. We are proud partners of professional organisations like The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, The Institute of Osteopathy, The British and Irish Orthoptic Society, The British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers, The Society of Occupational Medicine, The College of Paramedics, and many others.

Independent Practitioners

We assist individual healthcare professionals from a wide and varied range of professions with their insurance and indemnity needs.

General Insurance

We provide comprehensive insurance packages covering buildings, contents, liability, and additional protections like Cyber Liability, Directors and Officers Liability/Management Liability and Legal Services.

Trust and Confidence

  • We guide your contractual and governance strategy
  • We enhance insurers confidence to accept and underwrite your risks
  • We offer advice to manage adverse events and reduce formal claims
  • We help you grasp the value of and fully understand your insurance program
  • We seamlessly align insurance purchases with your business strategy
  • We provide expert advice and guidance built on trust and confidence
We are here to help you.
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Charly Winder

Divisional Director

Charly started her insurance career back in the late 90s working as a general insurance Account Executive. Following the acquisition of the business to James Hallam in 2005 Charly helped establish an SME team and assisted with development for the group. With a keen interest in the Healthcare sector Charly saw an opportunity to establish a new team in 2015 which has since grown to a team of 14 full time staff members with expertise across all areas of Health services.

T: 01923 298422
M: 07739 615920

Asgar Hassanali

Client Director, ProMed

Asgar joined James Hallam over seven years ago, embarking on a new adventure after being part of the leadership teams that contributed to the establishment of Howden Medical Insurance Services in 2004 and Lockton Healthcare in 2010. His journey eventually led him to us.

During his time with us, Asgar, in collaboration with Charly, has played a pivotal role in the substantial growth of ProMed within the Healthcare Liability Sector, both in the London Market and beyond.

Beyond his insurance endeavours, Asgar has applied his expertise to assist healthcare organizations. This includes a significant role on the Board of Get Well UK,; he also contributed to research on adverse events and risks within healthcare for the NCOR studies, among other initiatives.

In his personal life, Asgar enjoys spending quality time with his family and tending to his energetic young dog. He is also actively engaged with 615 Gliding Squadron, where he manages cadet training in the London and Southeast region.

T: 02079 777874