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Trust leads to more trust

James Hallam is an independent Lloyd’s broker with a dedicated team of experienced insurance professionals who care about protecting your business.

Trust leads to more trust

James Hallam is an independent Lloyd’s broker with a dedicated team of experienced insurance professionals who care about protecting your business.


From one-off consultations to comprehensive, ongoing compliance support, we offer a full range of risk management services to businesses of all sizes. We will tailor our risk management service to meet your unique business needs, helping you to manage both everyday risks and exceptional challenges more effectively.

Our services include

Our auditors are a team of highly experienced risk management and health and safety professionals from a wide variety of industry backgrounds. They offer expert auditing and inspection services in accordance with global best practice guidelines, all meeting the latest ISO and industry standards.

Whether you need a one-off inspections or regular ongoing audits, we can help you reach and maintain compliance across your organisation. We can design our audits and inspections to meet your own management requirements, yet we can also provide you with industry-specific audit and inspection templates based on industry best practice, standards and legislation.

We can work with you to develop a comprehensive and fully documented and integrated business continuity management system that complies with ISO 22301.

Alternatively, we can review your current arrangements to help you transition from BS 25999 to ISO 22301. We can also put your plans and people to the test with engaging training and testing, involving engaging exercises based on real-world scenarios.

Our expert services include:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Crisis management
  • Business impact analysis
  • Emergency planning and emergency exercises
  • Training, including resilience training
  • Audits
  • Helpline

Our specialist CDM team includes highly experienced health and safety professionals with extensive construction expertise and experience. They offer tailored CDM consultancy services in accordance with the latest regulations.

Our CDM support includes:

  • CDM coordinator services
  • Planning, managing and monitoring health and safety in the pre-construction stage of projects
  • Ensuring that duty holders, in particular designers, apply the general principle of prevention
  • Identifying client information relevant to health and safety
  • Providing:
    • Relevant information to duty holders
    • Information to the principal contractor to help them plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate health and safety in the construction phase
    • Construction phase plans
    • Health and safety files
  • Monitoring ongoing health and safety design
  • Preparing health and safety files
  • Drawing up notification calculations and F10 submissions

We provide a comprehensive range of ROSPA and IATP-approved e-learning training courses. These will provide your staff with the opportunity to learn approved educational subjects in their own time and at their own pace, outside of the traditional classroom environment.

E-Learning courses

  • Food safety
    • Levels 1 and 2 Manufacturing
    • Levels 1 and 2 Catering
    • Levels 1 and 2 Retail
  • Fire
    • Basic fire awareness
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Fire marshall
    • Fire marshall care homes
  • Display screen
    • Equipment awareness
    • Assessor training
  • Emergency first aid at work
  • Manual handling
  • Abrasive wheels
  • Work at height
  • Basic Legionella management
  • Asbestos awareness for architects and designers
  • Working safely

We have many years’ experience of delivering bespoke fire risk assessments across a huge variety of sectors and buildings. Our national fire risk assessment team offers a comprehensive and cost-effective service to help you follow best practice guidelines and meet your legislative requirements.

What a Fire Risk Assessment offers your business

  • A meticulous assessment of fire risks at your premises, undertaken by one of our highly qualified assessors
  • A realistic overview of compliance in your business at a moment in time
  • A clear action plan for making improvements and recording progress
  • The peace of mind of knowing that your premises’ fire risks have been thoroughly appraised and that they meet legislative requirements.

We work with food suppliers and manufacturers of all sizes, from national and international chains to local cafés and takeaways.

Let us manage all the stress and hassle of food safety audits for you. Our specialist food safety team will advise on the best and most appropriate policies, procedures, and systems for your business. We’ll also train your team in the safest and smartest ways to work with food.

Our auditors are committed to clear communication, so your team will know precisely what they need to do, and how they need to do it. With our tailored support, your business will achieve the highest hygiene ratings, which can give you a strong competitive edge.

We can provide:

  • Food safety audits
  • HACCP systems
  • Supplier assessments
  • Training courses
  • E-learning courses

We will work closely with you to develop an in-house or external training programme that meets your company’s specific needs.

Our health and safety training support can include:

  • Legionella management
  • Asbestos awareness
  • Abrasive wheels
  • Work at height
  • Emergency first aid
  • Project management
  • CDM awareness
  • Fire safety related
  • Risk assessments
  • Display screen equipment awareness
  • Data protection – GDPR related
  • Behavioural safety
  • ISO 45001 / 14001 management systems
  • Auditor training
  • Manual handling
  • Food safety and hygiene

Safety, health and environmental advice and interim placement

We understand how difficult it can be for businesses to keep up with the latest legislation, along with pending legislative changes. Our expert advice can help you stay on top of things. We will help you ensure you meet your legal requirements so you won’t risk steep penalties for non-compliance.

Safe systems of work
Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) are the detailed instructions you need to give your employees so they can work safely. We will ensure you have appropriate and sufficient risk assessments in place, and help you regularly review and update them. In this way, we will help you develop your SSoW so you can keep your workforce safe.

We will undertake pre-emptive and proactive inspections and audits on your behalf. This will equip you to pass HSE inspections and actively engage your workforce in spotting potential risks.

Policy, procedures and standards
We can help ensure that your policies, procedures and standards properly reflect your organisation’s culture, approach, and direction. Our expert advice will help you create and communicate your organisation’s official ways of working. We will also provide written standards, so you can properly measure performance and methodology.

Gap analysis
We can work with your organisation to analyse the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. We will then provide the expert support and consultancy services you need to create your plan of action, with all the governance you need to get you there.

Project specific
Do you have a specific EHS project you need to implement? As experienced project managers, we will help you ensure your project’s successful and liaise directly with your stakeholders to clearly communicate any resulting changes to working practices your project demands.

Health check
A thorough systems health will highlight any gaps that might leave you open to prosecution. It will also provide you with a corrective or preventative action plan to help you eliminate or mitigate risk.

Interim placement
Finding exactly the right person for a key role can take ages. But it is important not to rush the process. We can supply you with any interim staff you might need, with appropriate skills to cover any role during the transition period.

We can provide a range of surveying services, from remote desktop surveys to full onsite surveys. We will discuss any areas of concern with you, before devising a tailored risk improvement programme for your specific situation.

All of our surveys undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure they meet the highest possible standards. James Hallam Risk Management are compliant with ISO 27001.

Examples of surveys undertaken:

  • Casualty surveys, including:
    • Employer’s, public liability
    • Products liability
    • Post-loss
  • Property surveys, including:
    • Fire and special perils
    • Business interruption
    • Security
    • Marine cargo.
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Meet your team leaders

Gary Woolam

Head of Risk Management
T: 01417 736290
M: 07532 007584
Email Gary

Jim Nicholson

Risk Manager
T: 07811 456611
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Gary Woolam

Head of Risk Management

Gary has over twenty years’ experience within the risk management industry and provides guidance to all levels of management on the implementation and best practise throughout many industry sectors.

Before joining James Hallam Risk Management in 2016, he ran his own successful risk management business for eight years.

His wide range of risk management related qualifications and competencies include BSc Distinction in Occupational Health & Safety (University of the West of Scotland 2011), ISO Lead Auditing Certification (45001,9001 &45001), CFPA European Diploma Fire Safety

Gary is a member of the following risk management industry bodies:

T: 01417 736290
M: 07532 007584

Jim Nicholson

Risk Manager

Jim has worked in Risk Management for over 12 years providing advice in a number of areas including local government, retail, motor trade, leisure and hospitality.

He has also undertaken insurance risk surveys for a large number of business clients which has benefitted them in the negotiation and placement of their insurance programmes. This has given him a broad understanding of risks associated with a diverse range of trades.

T: 07811 456611

Pamela Caw

Risk Manager

Pam has recently joined JHRM after spending many years working in the national health service. Pam brings a wealth of customer service experience and is a key part of risk management team.