The Champions Group turns one!

The Champions Group turns one!

The Champions Group turns one! 1920 1280 James Hallam

This time last year the Champions Group was founded by Seventeen Group to drive forward environmental education for staff across the company.

The Champions Group is headed up by board members Paul Anscombe, Diana Bratt and Alan Roe, with representatives joining from offices across the UK.

The main goal of our Champions is to provide vital information about the environment and sustainability to all staff members in an easily digestible way.

Over the past year, the group has met regularly and developed quarterly newsletters in order provide environmental statistics, important and relevant updates and information on projects being run or supported by the group.

With soaring energy costs, weather warnings and potential summer water restrictions, it is important to educate staff on these precious resources and encourage careful usage of them at work and at home.

Seventeen Group is proud to support and encourage multiple projects that benefit staff members and the environment notably; supporting the National Trust by annually planting trees and supplying staff with company water bottles to cut down on their single use plastic use.

Seventeen Group is very proud of all that the Champions Group have achieved in their first year and look forward to seeing how they grow and what they continue to do in the future.