The Aviva Community Fund- Vote For Us!

The Aviva Community Fund- Vote For Us!

The Aviva Community Fund- Vote For Us! 800 700 James Hallam

James Hallam are supporting Watford workshop, in a bid to win a grant that could have a profound positive impact on the local community.

About the competition:
The Aviva Community Fund offers us the chance to get funding for causes important to our community. The competition will finance over 500 projects across four different fund levels and three categories, giving money to communities across the UK. The aim for us is to get enough votes from friends, family and supporters in the community and our project could make it to the Finals, where a judging panel will award the funds.

Watford Workshop plays a vital part in an individual’s transition into unsupported employment within a mainstream workplace. They are making a big difference to the lives of some of our most vulnerable and too often forgotten and neglected members of our community. So, our application to the Aviva Community Fund is for help with the funding of a mezzanine floor area in the Workshop, as well as the equipment necessary to make this accessible to all service users. The workshop building is modern and lofty and WSW have been granted a lifetime lease from Watford Borough Council. As such, any investment in the building facilities would most definitely be a long-term one and make a direct and immediate difference to the Workshop capacity and ultimately the number of people it can accommodate and help through both the Workshop and Training activities. Initial quotes suggest the cost of a suitable and accessible mezzanine area would be in the region of £25,000, plus around £10,000 for an appropriate lift, to ensure that all service users are able to access all areas.

Please click on the link below and VOTE FOR US, plus find out more about Watford Workshop and how this money could make a difference. Voting takes 20 seconds and will make an enormous difference, every vote will count- you get 10 votes and can allocate them all to just the one cause.