Bedbugs Infestation Cancels Flight

Bedbugs Infestation Cancels Flight

Bedbugs Infestation Cancels Flight 1920 1280 James Hallam

As British Airways has found to its cost, an infestation of bedbugs can ground its aircraft but more importantly if left unresolved, it can inflict serious reputational damage.

Airlines, like hotels are at particular risk and whilst it is impossible to eliminate these risks completely, it is possible through careful and swift management, to contain and minimise any outbreak and limit any financial and reputational damage.

As specialist insurance brokers to the Hospitality & Leisure, we at James Hallam understand how your business works but unlike other brokers our ‘risk management’ programme is proactive, continuous and collaborative.

Working with our clients we are continually raising standards and equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to recognise the risks and associated costs with not acting decisively when managing a crisis.

Had British Airways taken the appropriate steps when the incidents first appeared, including deep forensic cleaning, the risk subsequent outbreaks would have been minimised and the media feeding frenzy avoided.

By working with James Hallam and signing up to the Gauntlet Package to achieve best practice, we keep premiums competitive and thankfully incidents rare. If a crisis were to occur, our strong and proactive leadership to implement a resilience strategy quickly, is why James Hallam is the Broker of Choice.

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