Be aware

Be aware

Be aware 1920 1280 James Hallam

Insurers are becoming increasingly diligent when dealing with kitchen fire claims, particularly with regard to the scrutinising of extract duct cleaning reports.

The majority of insurers apply a policy condition stating that kitchen extract ducting should be deep cleaned at least every 6 months by a professional contractor (the industry standard for this type of work is known as TR19).

Key items to check when engaging a contractor;

  • Ensure the contractor complies with the TR19 industry standard
  • Obtain evidence that the contractor has valid ‘Public Liability’ insurance in place with a minimum £5,000,000 Limit of Liability
  • Ensure that the contractor provides a schematic of the duct system in their report, which should detail the complete run, including the canopy
  • Ask the contractor to provide before and after measurements of grease build-up in their report
  • Ask the contractor to provide before and after photos in their report
  • Ask the contractor to confirm in writing in their report that 100% of the ducting has been cleaned and passed clean
  • Ensure that the contractor is instructed to provide recommendations in their report