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June 2021

Water leak detection

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Understand how to avoid costly water damage to your property by way of installing a water leak detection or prevention system and those that are available on the market today.

At some point you may have heard of a friend or family member who has suffered a water leak or burst pipe at their home and you may think that this will never happen to you, but how sure are you that your plumbing system will not fail at any given moment?

The Household Insurance market has seen a dramatic increase in both the frequency and severity of claims relating to Escape of Water from pipes, tanks and general apparatus with 1 in 4 claims being attributed to Escape of Water, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

The amount of water that can pour into your home when a pipe bursts is unfathomable which can be very distressing. A Household Insurance Policy will, of course, operate in the event of an “Escape of Water”, and insurers will arrange for the property to be dried out, replace damaged belongings and even provide you with alternative accommodation, but subsequently, how will your insurance policy be impacted?

For example, insurers may increase premiums payable at your next renewal, apply larger policy excess and even request a plumbing system survey be carried out.  In addition, there may be the requirement for a Water Leak Detection System to be installed.

Post loss, some insurers will provide a contribution towards the cost of installing a Water Leak Detection System, but do you want to risk being in the position where you have to leave your family home for months to enable insurers to carry out the required remedial works.

Why not act first and install a system that will monitor your plumbing, giving you complete peace of mind, preventing this awful scenario from happening.

How does a water leak detector or prevention system work?

Water Leak Detection Systems detect potential plumbing problems by monitoring the water flow within the pipes, which could result in a water leak and damage to your property.

These systems can detect and notify you of a leak via an application on a smart device. This will enable you to receive the alert no matter where you are, allowing you to return home to shut off your water at the mains supply and arrange for a plumber to attend your property before major damage has been sustained.

The prevention systems can help to safeguard your home further, by automatically shutting off the water in approximately five seconds after a leak has been detected, saving you the worry of rushing home wondering what awaits you, and of course a large insurance claim which could take months to rectify the damage caused.

These systems can also be linked to your intruder alarm monitoring station so that when you are away from home you will still have the peace of mind that should a leak occur it will be taken care of in your absence.

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