CSP Sports Massage

CSP Sports Massage

Professional Liability Insurance for CSP Students & Associate Members Qualified to practice Sports Massage

CSP Students and Associate members that meet the qualifying criteria may apply for Medical Professional Liability insurance with MPLC at a discounted rate to cover claims arising from Sports Massage. A summary of cover is available from this page as a download, indicating the terms and costs of the cover provided.

How to Renew/Apply

Students and Associates can only access the scheme online via the MPLC Portal

Important Notes and Options

  • No cover is provided for the treatment of any Professional Sports Person/Professional Athletes or Dancers.
  • No cover for the treatment of Animals
  • Students and Associate Members must not imply they are performing Sports Massage as a Physiotherapist
  • Special terms apply to services provided via the Internet.
  • The Master Policy runs concurrently with the CSP’s PLI Scheme and all policies issued under this scheme will expire on 30 June each year.
For help and advice on any of the products please speak to one of our professional advisers on 01245 321185 or email us