College of Paramedics

College of Paramedics

Medical Malpractice and Public Liability Insurance for Members of the College of Paramedics

The College of Paramedics provide full and student members with the following Medical Malpractice and Public Liability Insurance as a membership benefit:

  • £5 million limit per member
  • Evidence of Insurance Certificates available from the College on request
  • Samaritan Acts included
  • Full members covered for voluntary work or any paid work where total earnings do not exceed £5,000 per annum (Ex any NHS Work – See link below for wider cover)
  • Student members covered for elective placements under the supervision of a qualified Paramedic or Registered Healthcare Professional
  • Worldwide cover (excluding the USA and Canada)
  • Students covered for Public Liability Insurance in respect of observation only electives in the USA and Canada
  • No cover provided for members full time employment (See link below for individual cover options)
  • Includes treatment of Professional Sports persons and Elite Athletes provided treatments do not exceed 21 days in total in any 12 month period

Full details of the policy wording terms and conditions, including a summary and FAQ’s are available as downloads from this page

Optional & Other Covers

Individual Medical Malpractice Insurance

Qualified and registered Paramedics may apply for their own independent cover.

For help and advice on any of the products please speak to one of our professional advisers on 01245 321185 or email us

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